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Oahu Diving Underwater Videography Hawaii

Underwater Videography, Underwater Video Production, Underwater Stock Footage, High Definition Video, Show Coordination and Planning

Our underwater stock footage is the result of diving everyday for over 10 years. Our archives consist mainly of underwater footage of Hawaii marine life and Oahu island. Since we are equipped with digital camcorders, Hi DEF Cameras, underwater housings, video lights, underwater microphones, filters, tripods and much more we can delivers the type of underwater video you need. Since we can shot in digital we can deliver footage with 100% of the original quality. Of course since we are located less than 10 minutes to our boat we can head out to get a underwater video on demand.

Movie Productions Underwater

Movie productions underwater take a lot of detailed planning, coordination and team work. The unfortunate truth is underwater filming of marine life can be so unpredictable. This is why Oahu Diving excels in this field. We understand the marine life in Hawaii and can assure your production team quality results in a timely manner.

Underwater Stock Footage

If you would like stock underwater video of Hawaii marine life you've come to the right place. We rows and rows of aquatic marine life of just about anything. Did you need an up close shot of a tiger shark ? What about a box jellyfish gracefully floating by ? These videos and thousands of more of for sale. We can also give you, that is right give you the rights to any video so as long as Oahu Diving is properly credited for the work. Again we have too many videos to chose from . Here is just a sample list of what we have in our video archives.

  • sharks in Hawaii
  • Hawaiian green sea turtle
  • reef fish
  • corals
  • moray eels
  • bottlenose dolphins
  • spinner dolphin
  • manta ray
  • stingray, eagle ray
  • blue spotted groupers
  • schools of pelagic fish
  • schools of reef fish

Call us to discuss what you have on your mind. We will be more than happy to quote you fairly.