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Hawaii Weather and Surf Conditions Oahu Diving

Dive Weather in Hawaii

Weather in Hawaii is an important factor in choosing great diving locations. Carefully choosing locations based on weather will ensure and safe and fun scuba diving experience. There are many ways to make good decisions about which scuba diving location you intend to go to. Not adhering to local forecasts and just winging it will eventually catch up to you. Taking a few minutes before the day starts to better get a picture of what to expect is the best practice to do before scuba diving.

Here are the list of services Oahu Diving uses to decide which areas are going to have better conditions than others. Remember, weather has its own personality therefore this is not exact. Taking in all the information to to make a good decision will result in a great dive with lots of fun.

  • National Data Buoy Information- Weather buoys are strategically placed around the Hawaiian islands. Tells whether or not swells are coming to Hawaii, the size and when to expect the swells. This is by far pretty darn actuate. Big swells mean possible low visibility in shallow areas.
  • Active Warning and Advisories- This particular map shows us where we can expect swells, waves and just plain rough conditions. We like this map a lot.
  • Hawaii State Radar- Great for checking rain fall and what to expect. Although rain is not a huge deal with us I just like to know if I will not need to put sun block on.
  • Friends- This in my opinion is the number one way to get information. Oahu Diving has many connections on the waters here in Oahu and regularly use this method to help choose a diving location.

We occasionally get some scuba divers that get excited when it rains. "Should we cancel ?" they ask. Then I ask them will they get wet diving ? We do not cancel for rain showers. The diving essentially does not change although the lighting conditions underwater will not be the same as a sunny day. However only a seasoned underwater photographer would really notice this. The marine life does not change and fish do not stay inside. Rain only exists for us odd, air breathing humans.


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