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Mahi Shipwreck Scuba Diving Location,70-115ft.

Wreck Diving Hawaii

Mahi Shipwreck

The Mahi shipwreck is one of those wreck dives of Hawaii or Hawaii diving locations that people seldom get to go to. Why is that? Well, for started the Mahi shipwreck is located some 45 minutes to the west of Waikiki so driving can be the pits! Ok though, you really want to dive this shipwreck in Oahu. Other scuba divers of told you about the Mahi shipwreck and all those beautiful eagle rays that patrol the area. The truth is, there are right! This Hawaii shipwreck is one of the best in terms of visibility, calm currents and aquatic life.

The most popular and probably the best dives on the west side. The Mahi is a 176' minelayer that was sunk in 1986. It now lays upright in 90ft of water with the main deck at around 65ft. Visibility often exceeds 100ft and white-spotted eagle rays are often seen here. The wreck itself is coral encrusted and home to a wide variety of reef fish. Many holes and hatchways in the wreck make for great poking around and a dive light is a good addition to this dive.

The history of the Mahi shipwreck is pretty simple. The Mahi was a minesweeper Navy ship. Earning numerous notoriety for clearing waterways and passages of dangerous mines. Not to many people have actually seen the Mahi on the surface. Even for our research it has been nearly impossible to obtain pictures of the Mahi while she was working.

The main deck of the Mahi shipwreck is pretty badly beaten up. Two thirds of the main deck are caved in making this shipwreck one with many safety hazards. Watching over hangs and pieces of sharp protruding metal on this dive is a must. This ship can easily cut you and getting a rusty cut isn't the best thing to get on your Hawaii vacation.

Once moored up on the Mahi shipwreck. Use the mooring as your tool to help you make a trouble free decent. Currents are not usually a problem but having a nice control decent is a smart idea. Once on this beautiful Oahu shipwreck you will immediately notice how blue the water is here. This location of Oahu is typically a calm location with beautiful waters. Great for Oahu wreck diving. Millet seed butterfly fish and plenty of Hawaiian sea life such as the tangs and puffers make their homes here.

If there is a fish that is famous here at the Mahi shipwreck it has to be the majestic eagle rays. Always patrolling the perimeter of this Oahu shipwreck the eagle rays cruise almost effortlessly round and round- like a patrolling wave of bomber aircraft in search of their targets. Eagle rays are great photo subjects. The trick is getting a great shot. I recommend approaching the eagle rays from the top and swooping down on to them for a shot. Now this style will only get you a few shots. After that the eagle rays will break up and regroup later. Another way is hide behind a piece of the shipwreck waiting for the eagle rays to swim over for their parasite removal session. Then just gently head over and snap a few.

The bottom times at the Mahi shipwreck are not bad roughly being around 30 minutes. It is important to watch your scuba gauges for this dive. It is a bit deep so air will go quickly. One thousand PSI is a great number to start thinking about the return back up the mooring line. Do not forget the safety stop at 15 feet for 3 minutes.

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