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Scuba Diving in Hawaii with octopus

Octopus in Hawaii

Octopus in Hawaii are among scuba divers favorite marine life in Hawaii. Octopus are routinely found on reefs from as shallow as 3 reef to all the way down to 130 feet. Of course even deeper however I will only talk about our experienced with octopus n the recreational diving depths of Hawaii. octopusTo spot an octopus does take some experience. Octopus are among the ocean's best camouflage experts. Blending in with their surroundings are what they do best. Some octopus in other parts of the world even change their appearance to resemble another fish like the octopus of .

octopusThe octopus you will likely see in Hawaii are what we call "tako" pronounced like the Mexican food taco. This word and you usually here this on the dive boats come from the Japanese language of the same spelling and sound. The tako or octopus that we see are commonly active during the day despite the majority of octopus in the world who prefer the nights. This isn't to say that octopus in Hawaii are not active at night- they are. However diving during the daytime is more common and catching the octopus during the day is easy. Octopus with their unbeatable camouflage blend into the corals, rocks and sand background better than any army platoon. Finding the octopus in Hawaii takes a little cheating. Occasionally you can be lucky and just find a hole with a octopus inside.

CAUTION- Octopus can bite and do at times. Handling octopus should only be done by those who understand them well.

Easier ways to find octopus is just watch the fish closely. Fish in Hawaii are always following octopus around. Octopus forage for small fish and crabs. With eight tentacles all moving around independently, the octopus enters small caves and holes in search of small marine life. The crabs and small fishes see the tentacles and run out- only to be eaten by the fish who follow so closely the octopus.

Come out and dive with Oahu Diving, we'll find ya an octopus !

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