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Scuba Diving in Oahu, Fantasy Reef 40-60 Feet

Diving Location in Hawaii

Fantasy reef is one of those Oahu scuba diving locations that seldom gets any divers. This Oahu scuba diving location has wonderful reef structures, beautiful corals, plenty of fish, tons of turtles and even swim through that resemble those west coast lava tubes that are so popular. This reef is a combination of 3 plateaus of ancient volcanic rock with lots of reef and corals. So, why don't you hear much about Fantasy Reef when checking around about Oahu scuba diving locations ? I'll tell you why. This diving location of Oahu takes about 25 minutes of boat commute time. I know, you California divers and Florida divers are laughing shacking your heads. But wait, hear me out. Dive locations from most of Oahu's harbors take around 10 minutes so hardly any dive companies would want to use that extra time and fuel. Not to mention the fact, now this is fact that this Oahu dive location can get some serious currents, actually turning this dive into an unwanted drift dive. I personally do not like to do a drift dive from Fantasy Reef due to the fact that once you are off this reef, IT'S NOTHING BUT SAND AND BLUE WATER. I have heard from others they enjoy doing drifts at Fantasy Reef. Oh baloney.

So, you get there and strong currents. Basically you are screwed, well the whole boat is because you can't do a fun dive in these conditions. So, we'll end up going to another location which is usually a lot different than Fantasy Reef. But wait ! There are days where this reef could be considered the best 40- 60 foot reef dive on Oahu. So lets talk about this ! Fantasy Reef like I mentioned before is pretty much 3 reefs. The old lava rock resembles the Arizona desert rocks up past Flagstaff Arizona, without the red colors. It truly looks like you could mountain climb if there was not any water. The tops of this reef structure is about 40 feet with nice ledges going down to 60 feet in some areas. Some of the reef plateaus if you will resemble the bow of a big boat, like a boat sitting on the bottom. Upon further inspection of Fantasy Reef you will notice some cool overhangs with plenty of fish life hanging around. Swimming around the edges of this beautiful rocky area there are some swim threws. Easy cool cave like swim through but pay attention to the eels that live in these areas. Eels in Hawaii are very unpredictable. Maybe all around the world too. With that said, watch your hands and try not to put your hands around rock that you can not see the other side.

As you navigate around you will come across the Hawaiian green sea turtle. Turtles love this reef for it provides very good protection from the patrolling tiger sharks and strong currents. If taking a camera you will definitely get some great shots of turtles at this reef. Turtles at Fantasy reef do not seem to mind divers considering this reef doesn't get the amount of traffic compared to the reefs of Waikiki, places like Turtle Canyons and Nautilus Reef. Watch your air here is a must. This reef is so cool that it is easy to forget how long you are down for. Try your best to stay away from the deeper parts of this reef so as to maximize your dive times. Forty minutes at this reef should be the normal bottom time. I have dove with some "air suckers" that killed an 80 cubic tanks in 20 minutes. Yikes ! This dive you do not want to just pop up to the surface because of the currents that plaigs this area. Make sure you make your return back to the mooring line for an easy return back to the boat. Another note, try your best to start making your return back to the line at around 1000 PSI. Once you make it to the line you can always start heading up at around 6 or 7 hundred PSI. Know your air consumption, you might want to just go up around 1000 PSI.

In the end, Fantasy Reef kicks you know what. I love the structure of the reef, the natural layout and the beautiful corals that dot the rock tops. Pay attention to the currents and what it is doing. Use the line for your decent / ascent and enjoy.

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